Did You Know That You Can Provide A Just Workplace?

Domestic employers play a significant role in developing non-exploitative workplaces by committing to recognizing their homes as workplaces and treating your employees with respect and dignity. Domestic work is the work that makes all other work possible, and the fair treatment of domestic workers is integral to our vision of a more just future. As an employer, you can contribute by being knowledgeable about and respectful of workers’ rights and by sharing that information with your friends and neighbors. We are excited to work together with you build that future!

The Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights amends Massachusetts state labor law to guarantee basic work standards and protections: 24 hours off per 7-day calendar week; meal and rest breaks; limited vacation and sick days; parental leave; protection from discrimination, sexual harassment, illegal charges for food and lodging, and eviction without notice; notice of termination; and a means of enforcing these standards. Domestic employers under the bill do not include state regulated staffing agencies or the employers of those who work as casual babysitters.

For more information refer to the full list of provisions under "For Workers". 


Hand In Hand is a national network of employers and domestic workers that are committed to developing respectful workplaces. Join their network to ensure workplace dignity and respect. Check out their website for tools and advice: http://domesticemployers.org/

Are my employment practices respectful and just? Here is a link to a survey developed by Hand In Hand to help employers figure out and formalize your employment relationships: http://domesticemployers.org/the-checklist/